Welcome to Davfallamew.com! My name is Davfallamew P. Schafer, but most of my friends just call me "Dave" because they either can't pronounce "Davfallamew" or just simply don't get it.

I just graduated from where I enjoyed the last two years of my life being a ad student. That means compiling a compelling book, studying abroad, and being praised/encouraged to think not only out of the box, but completely outside the semitruck the box is being transported in.

My is broken into three parts, my advertising work, my side projects and hobbies, and something I'm still striving to become an expert that involves virtual photography. Lastly, my most recent MAS work can be seen at my page.

Please feel free to or call me to discuss anything from life to the most recent viral video on the web. Talk to you soon!



So here's what I've been up to for several months. Oh, and there's more to come. So sit back, enjoy, and let the first decade of the millenium end with laugher!