Freddie's 2nd Year

When my son, Freddie, turned 2 years old, I started looking back at all the photos and videos I took of him and I started to think, "Wow, Freddie sure has changed and developed a lot in his 2nd year!" Being one of his parents and seeing him every day, I definitely don't notice these changes because they are too gradual. That gave me the idea of this sequence of evolving pictures, which ended up being the intro to the full video I cut of his shennanigans throughout the year.

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The fox icon that made its way into the video thumbnail came from a clip (above) where he started saying the word "fox," but was somehow saying it in more of a singular tense than it already is. No worries, it has been edited so it is SFW (safe for work).

This also inspired my wife to get me this mug for use in my corporate setting. It is now used nearly every day at home.

Fox Mug

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