"Davfolio" is my book I submitted to the faculty and staff of Miami Ad School for my portfolio review. I published it and had 100 copies printed to hand out to potential employers. You can download the PDF by clicking the button below, or continue scrolling down to view it in browser.

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St. Paul Saints Apple iPhone Lowe's Bud Extra HeadOn Nair Subaru Ace Hardware K2 Nikon

St. Paul Saints

This guerrilla campaign paints the outfield wall markers with the appropriate distances from the St. Paul Saints' home plate on various buildings around the Twin Cities. I won a Pin for this campaign at The Show in 2008.

The Show Pin
Saints Wall 1 Saints Wall 2 Saints Wall 3

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Apple iPhone

The iPhone has been a game changer in more than just the mobile phone world ever since its initial release. Despite these being just a little out-dated, the point is still current: had the iPhone been present in these movies, just how different could they be?

iPhone - E.T. iPhone - Lord of the Rings iPhone - The Matrix

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Lowe's Revive

This outdoor billboard campaign is simple enough: revive existing home projects with Lowe's.

Lowe's Deck Lowe's Tile Lowe's Carpet

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Bud Extra

Back when people thought it was smart to mix stimulants with depressants, Budweiser came out with a beverage called "Bud Extra." This was both beer and energy drink in one! This campaign, a mixture of both print and guerrilla, focuses in on the "extra" part of the drink, giving the consumer an extra jolt of energy, effectively waking them up.

Bud Extra: Bus Stop Bud Extra: Transformer Bud Extra: Coaster Bud Extra: Stool Bud Extra: Urinal

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How can you take an annoying ad for HeadOn ("Apply directly to the forehead, apply directly to the forehead") and make it less annoying? First, you start with print ads instead of TV spots, then you get real literal with the word "head."

HeadOn: Block Heads HeadOn: Dick Heads HeadOn: Hard Heads HeadOn: Talking Heads HeadOn: Fountain Heads HeadOn: Pot Heads

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Stubbly, hairy legs are gross to touch; the feeling of sandpaper can really stand out when you're expecting to touch something smooth. That's what this guerrilla campaign is aiming to achieve, placing stubbly textures on ordinarily smooth surfaces to draw attention to what Nair can fix.

Nair Railing Nair Subway Pole Nair Gate

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Subarus are among the most resold automobiles (primarily in Europe) due to their long-lasting features and innovations. This ad campaign challenges the question, "Who owned my car before me?" by embracing social media and other web outlets, as well as traditional print ads.

Subaru - Intro Subaru - Strategy Subaru - USA Subaru - Europe Subaru - Australia Subaru - online

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ACE Hardware

Another guerrilla campaign set in the streets of Chicago, it exaggerates the scale of standard, household items as if they were needed for projects around the city. Accompanied with the ACE logo and tag "For any project," the items include an air filter for the subway vents, a Phillips screw instead of a sewer cover, and fluorescent household bulbs in the place of street lights.

ACE - air filters ACE - screw ACE - bulbs

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K2 Sports

K2 Sports prides its brand on being extreme, especially when it comes to skiing. The Bunny print campaign for K2 takes my cute cartoon bunny, representing the skiers of the bunny hills, and putting him in the more extreme conditions that the average K2 user is more likely to experience.

K2 - jump K2 - fly K2 - diamonds

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This guerrilla campaign places hidden, high-end Nikon cameras around heavily-populated areas, and events trigger the cameras to photograph the passers-by making them the subject of the ad. This campaign tackles two main points when it comes to advertising: first, people tend to notice images if they see themselves in them; and secondly, the advertisements are demoing the product in real-time. I won a Pin for this campaign at The Show in 2008 as well.

The Show Pin
Nikon - Rotating Face Nikon - Hologram Photographer Nikon - Paralleled Subway

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