Schafer Things

Schafer Things

When I first binge-watched the Netflix series Stranger Things, I had just gotten home from a week-long vacation to my parents' cabin and I was exhausted. The series came out while I was there, and I had heard about it coming out amongst casual talks with friends. It was such a unique and entertaining series, but what captured my interest the most was just how nostalgic and amazingly well done the opening title sequence and chapter wipe/reveal was made! Needless to say, I never skipped the intro, as I was captivated by it!

This piqued my interest so much that I tried replicating it in Photoshop and After Effects. Trial and error was the name of this game, but after trying and failing day in and day out, I finally reached a version I was truly proud of. Like they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and after attempting it, I have the utmost respect for Imaginary Forces, the company responsible for making the opening title sequence!

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