Conquer the Cold

This was an exceptionally fun project to work on as a part of G&K's marketing team and their winter apparel strategy. This was just one of a few videos they strategically released throughout the fall months leading into winter, and their whole gimmick revovled around a fake winter storm system called "Conquer."

As with a lot of projects through G&K, I seemed to have a lot of creative input on what they might want to include and what the limitations were based on timing, budget, and location.

That said, I thought that since there is a hypothetical blizzard ravaging the country, I suggested that the initial video have an establishing montage just like the one at the beginning of the claymation movie Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, but modernized. I'm not too sure if they had the same vision I had about it, but they said they wanted to see it. It ended up turning out great!

The best part was the fact that we shot all of this in July, and Jenna did an outstanding job pretending to be cold. I also made a tutorial video out of this footage; see below.

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We shot all this in front of a green screen on a 97 degree day. Jenna did so many things to make it seem like she was standing outside in the middle of a frigid blizzard, so I did my part to really make it seem like she was there.

I ended up using this method with all the different layers so much throughout the entire project that I wanted to share my method, hence this How To video.

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