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Canon hosted a very fun and inspiring film competition, called "Canon Project Imagination," where contestants were tasked to create a trailer for a non-existent movie. Ultimately, the winner would get their "movie" made, directed by film legend Ron Howard. This trailer was one of the two that was submitted.

"The Henchman" is about a henchman who becomes dulled to the monotonous days, in and out, working for his evil boss who seems to only have authority over his minions because of his powers. Little does his boss know that the henchman has powers of his own.

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Above is a special effect that was used of Max getting burned to a crisp, illustrating just how deadly this evil boss is. The other piece of this trailer I like to talk about is the "Henchman" vanity logo at the end, which was inspired by a Pink Panther cartoon called "Pink Phink." In this cartoon, a man is trying to paint a house he is selling the color blue, but the Pink Panther ruins his plans and paints everything pink. At the end of the cartoon, the Pink Panther purchases the house where everything, including the grass and trees, is colored pink and is complimented by an amazingly pink sunset which creates a silhouette of the house. The sun finally sets, turning the sky a blue color, leaving not a single trace of pink in frame before the end credits roll.

This ambiguous ending has always stuck with me (and further, is a big reason why I wanted to become an Art Director), and I am so proud I was able to give a nod to that cartoon in this video by having the sky change from the color red (represented by the evil boss) to purple (represented by the henchman).

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