Wedding Invitations

Wood Blank

I worked on a few wedding invitations, tasked with encapsulating and maintaining the lucky couples' theme associated with their big day. Here are some of the examples.

Kelsey and Travis

Kelsey and Travis Invite FRONTKelsey and Travis Invite BACK

Kaitlyn and Shane

Kaitlyn and Shane InviteKaitlyn and Shane InfoKaitlyn and Shane RSVP

Kristie and Dave

Save the Date:

Kristie and Dave SAVE THE DATE frontKristie and Dave SAVE THE DATE back

Invites and RSVP:

Kristie and Dave Invite FRONTKristie and Dave Invite BACKKristie and Dave RSVPEnvelopes

Programs and other Signage:

Kristie and Dave Program FRONTKristie and Dave Program BACKKristie and Dave SeatsKristie and Dave Guest Book

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