Lube-Tech Sales Video

This ended up being a very large project for me at the beginning of 2018: I was required to produce four videos in three, short weeks for use in a big sales meeting for the company. A couple of these videos would be embedded on their website to be customer-facing and another to be used internally. The video I am sharing is the introduction video used at the beginning of the sales meeting held in January, 2018.

A theme they were trying to encapsulate was the idea of unifying all the separate sub-divisions as one company. They were calling it "One Lube-Tech." At the end of this intro video, I constructed a three-dimensional "1" and had all the sub-division names morph into it. I made the camera pull back, showing that "1" with the existing Lube-Tech logo.

ONE Lube-Tech Logo

They ended up liking the overall look and layout of the two together, they requested I mock up a couple of logos (white on black and black on white) to use for their marketing materials leading up to and after the sales meeting.

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