When I was hired on to make nine total videos for a sales conference for G&K Services, I was only given this direction: "We want these videos to look and feel like a Mission: Impossible movie." After getting an agreement from the presenters to put themselves in crazy situations, I came up with scenarios that I thought I'd get an immediate "NO," but instead I got an overly-enthusiastic "YES!!"

This is the introductory video of the sales conference, establishing the mood for the rest of the meeting and introduces everyone to the three presenters in a very fun yet silly manner.

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GogglesPhone EncryptionGlass ShatterExplosion RunHand UnlockTie getting stuckThe other door!

These are some of the effects I made for the intro video. It all came down to shooting each shot with the end result in mind, and getting the presenters to envision and fully understand the end result before each shot.

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