Phone Case

This was submitted for the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film competition. This competition requires participants to create and submit a short film (about 5-7 minutes in length) in only 48 hours. To assure the film is truly only worked on during those 48 hours, participants are assigned and must include the following in their film:

  • A genre
  • A character name
  • A prop
  • And a piece of dialogue

Our group was assigned the Cop/Detective genre, a character named Kelly Whitefish, the prop was a coat hanger, and the dialogue was: "You choose; I can't/cannot decide."

See if you can find all of our requirements!!

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Phone Case Crew 1

Phone Case Crew 2

This was my third 48 Hour Film competition, but my first as the director. I had absolutely the best crew in Minneapolis: everyone worked so hard and are all extremely talented. Of course, after spending 48 hours with someone, you never want to see them ever again!

And I never have.

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