How to Install a Screen Shield

While I was working at T-Mobile, I was tipped off that there was a nation-wide video competition. Really starting to get into video editing and special effects and whatnot, I got excited and decided to look into this competition. They were going to choose the best video about installing screen shields on mobile phones.

Installing screen shields?! I wanted to do some fun editing, maybe even a fun special effect. You know, explosions and gun firing; the kind of thing to make Michael Bay go, "whoa..." Needless to say, I was pretty deflated and completely idealess, and decided that perhaps this particular video competition would be one I would be passing on.

There are two specific places I brainstorm and conjure up ideas...places that make it impossible to immediately jot down: driving in my car and in the shower. Well, as I was showering one morning, an idea came to me. Luckily, the idea remained on the top of my mind and I continued to think about it my entire drive to work. I drew up a storyboard and asked my manager if she'd be willing to allow us to come into the store early on a Sunday to film. She was on board, and with less than a week to submit our video, this is what we won the competition with:

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Installation Booth

There was no installation booth; I managed to construct the entire thing in Adobe After Effects. The best thing I could have possibly done to make this was shoot some reverse "B Roll" footage of what ended up being the reflection on the installation booth's glass surfaces. It's what made it seem like it actually belonged in the store, visually-speaking.

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