Not a Handyman: Switches and Outlets

As I have been spending more and more time around the house, I’ve been doing a lot more of the tasks that I would otherwise deem myself not worthy of doing. One major category that this belief falls into is EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL.

Now, I can tackle a device that a lamp plugs into that I can connect to our WiFi, allowing celebrity-status Alexa prompts to turn on and off lights. Team me up with a circuit-breaker, and I have the presence of a stream of urine on an electric-fence: unpleasant to anyone within earshot.

That said, my resources to anything regarding wiring in the past has been YouTube, and I have now done enough to know what on earth is happening when I flip that switch or connect that wire.

…enough so that I want to share my wisdom to those who seek it, give them an extra layer of confidence that would otherwise be lost to other How-to and instructional videos that just don’t quite relate to what they’re specifically looking to accomplish.

Please view my video below; but remember, I am NOT a handyman. I continually re-iterate that because I want to illustrate how easy it can be to do these tasks, without the assistance of an expensive electrician.

But most importantly, have fun and enjoy the video!

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