You are one of the first to visit my blog, so a big “congratulations” is in order as well!

I’ve owned this corner of the web for quite some time under the handle of “Davfallamew” (pronounced Dave • fall • ah • m’yoo), but just jumped into blogging due to a recent, life-changing event.

I could go into it, but I can already hear the question piling up in my inbox: “Why ‘Davfallamew?'” The answer is simple, laced with complexity, and I challenge you this before I tell you my answer: try to find me on google. My name is Dave (or David) Schafer, I live in Minnesota. Let’s be specific to Minneapolis. I do graphic design, or video editing, or now blogging. Did you find me? How many others are there?

Now search “Davfallamew.” You’ve now found me. Just me, and every iteration of me online. This is fundamentally why; online identity.

How did I get those particular letters in that particular order? Davfallamew is the “Dave” version of Bartholomew. Done.

Please enjoy yourself while you’re here, and please comment or share! I appreciate your feedback!